Visitations to 6 buildings by Wilhelm Riphahn, city architect, Cologne.Wilhelm Riphahn is considered by many as the former city architect of Cologne.

As homage to the architect and the nature of architectural design, the artist makes gesture towards the tangible of Riphahn's processes.  A common shovel used for digging holes or the moving of earth is run across the street surface outside 6 of the architect's existing constructions.  When possible the spade is pushed face down and driven in front of the artist, held hard against the street so-as to grind the surface. When this prohibits motion the spade is either turned over or dragged behind.The models shown in this exhibition are replicas of the locations, each bearing a chalk line marking the path taken across the given terrain. The models were first exhibited in the KoelischerKunstverein, Cologne, as part of the exhibition 'Museum of Noise'. The end of September 2008 the installation moved from Amsterdam to the “Biennal Young Artists” in Boekarest, Roemenie, 3-31 October 2008.

James Beckett (1977) www.jamesbeckett.tk

James Beckett is een Zuid-Afrikaanse kunstenaar, geboren in 1977 te Harare, Zimbabwe. Woont en werkt in Amsterdam, James Beckett is kunstenaar in zeer universele zin, maar houdt zich vooral bezig met klinkende kunst (geluidsinstallaties).
James Beckett groeide op in Pietermaritzburg en Durban in Zuid-Afrika. Hij studeerde aan de Technikon Natal in Durban, trok als kunstenaar naar Berlijn en vervolgens in 2001 naar Amsterdam toen hij werd toegelaten op de Rijksacademie. In 2003 won hij de Prix de Rome.

Saturday, 16 August, 2008 to Thursday, 25 September, 2008